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Afghanistan Holding Group is vetted by dozens of individual organizations every year, but also completes specialized vetting procedures for FCPA and UK Anti-Bribery Act by TRACE International and BINA. AHG's standard policies and procedures are quality checked by ISO and is available for client feedback through BBB. In addition, AHG vets all employees, clients and vendors through a long list of restricted parties, available here.


Afghanistan Holding Group is recognized as the gold standard of professionalism in Afghanistan. Much of this is due to the systemic implementation of a comprehensive list of highly customized policies, procedures and standards in adherence with both Afghanistan laws as well as international best practices.


Afghanistan Holding Group provides professional business services in Afghanistan. These services include financial, compliance, human resources, technology and more. Different countries and organizations use different classifications schemes to identify products and services. AHG's major classifications codes are listed here for easy reference.



Afghanistan Holding Group has supported a number of professional associations in their efforts for advocacy, citizenship, community service, education and more. Each association represents a different valuable segment of the Afghan business community. AHG commends common goals of encouraging investment, coordinating security efforts, identifying concerns for the Government's attention in Afghanistan.


Afghanistan Holding Group, Ltd is a privately held U.S. Corporation registered in Delaware, USA with a branch office registration in Kabul, Afghanistan. AHG is appropriately registered by the agencies below for its activities in Afghanistan. Copies of registration documents are available upon request.


Afghanistan Holding Group is certified partner, reseller and support member for a number of leading technology providers, including SAP for software and Cisco for hardware. Please contact us at info@ahg.af to request quotations for any of their products or software.

Contract Vehicles

In addition to contacting Afghanistan Holding Group directly by emailing info@ahg.af for a quotation, AHG is pre-registered and pre-vetted with several existing contract vehicles below. This means many international organizations and government customers are able to procure AHG's services in Afghanistan at pre-negotiated discounted rates easily and quickly. Please click here to see if your organization in included in this list.

Our History and Culture

AHG is a privately owned firm registered 4 March 2009 in Afghanistan. Originally named Afghanistan Financial Services, the company focused on local taxation services for international organizations operating in Afghanistan. On 21 December 2013, the company rebranded to Afghanistan Holding Group offering integrated professional solutions.

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