Issue 24

The Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MOCI), led by His Excellency Minister Humayoon Rasaw, has been successfully implementing a long list of reforms in many areas, but particularly relevant are policies to facilitate investment. We take this opportunity to highlight some of these below. 

Issue 25

The Senior Economic Advisor to the President, His Excellency Ajmal Ahmady has been successfully 

Issue 26

His Excellency Mr. Eklil Ahmad Hakimi, the Minister of Finance of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, has approved a wonderful new streamlined procedure for the Afghanistan Revenue Department (ARD), Tax Exemptions and Rulings Directorate to be able to review Tax Exemption Confirmation (TEC) Applications, without the need for a complete or redacted copy of the contract for both prime and subcontractors performing under the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) or NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).


In order to gain a sense of how pervasive Afghan tax issues are, SIGAR would appreciate your organization's response to the short survey. Without your input, it will be much more difficult to quantify the taxes or fees being paid, and more challenging to find relief for firms facing tax assessments.  

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Issue 28

Many companies incorrectly assume that they can wait until a business license is expired to renew it, without realizing there are monthly, quarterly and annual tax filing requirements along the way.

Issue 29

AHG has partnered with Travel Docs to create an automated online application process for Afghan visa processing.

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