Issue 29



17 January 2019


AHG has partnered with Travel Docs to create an automated online application process for Afghan visa processing. For any of your visa needs or even to apply for a new or renewed U.S. passport, please click  For assistance with visa renewals inside Afghanistan or for visa service in Dubai, please email us at


On 18 December 2018,  Mr. Ghazalan Koofi, Acting Director of Foreign Nationals Affairs Directorate of the Afghan Ministry of Interior, issued a strict notice for all U.S. Government and NATO Contractors stating that “all foreign citizens traveling to Afghanistan are required to register themselves with this office within 24 to 48 hours of their arrival in Afghanistan.” Employers will be held liable for their employees not obtaining Foreigner Registration Cards (FRCs). For any assistance obtaining FRCs, please email us at


The Afghan Ministry of Interior has restarted issuance of weapons permits, including for U.S. Government and NATO Contractors. Application instructions are available on our website at, however permits are now available for one year, two year or three year validity and the official fee has increased to 15,000 Afghani (about 200 USD) per year. Any individual carrying a weapon without a valid permit can be subject to arrest and the weapon confiscated. For any assistance obtaining weapons permits, please email us at


Fiscal year 2018 Annual Income Tax Returns (AITRs) are due 20 March 2019. These mandatory filings are required even if all of your contracts are tax exempt, or even if you have no activity in Afghanistan at all. A previous year tax clearance letter from the Ministry of Finance (MOF) is required for business license renewal, changes or closure. Obtaining new visas or renewing visas requires an active business license, as do certain pre-deployment training programs, base access requests, and even bid proposals. For any assistance with Afghan taxes, please email us at


AHG’s assurance team includes ACCA-qualified financial auditors with access to all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. A comprehensive financial audit will obtain reasonable assurance whether provided financial statements conform with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or contain material misstatements. In addition, AHG offers internal financial reviews and suggestions for process improvement, inventory checks, field monitoring missions and much more. For a quick quotation, please email us at those new to Afghan compliance, previous issues of this advisory and relevant documents are available at subscribe to this advisory, please click here.

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