Afghanistan Holding Group thrives on providing innovative technology solutions. AHG’s technology division has developed numerous management information systems for businesses and has also introduced new mobile apps for public use. The technology division leverages emerging and state-of-the-art technologies such as blockchain, cryptography, and machine learning to implement software processes and service delivery more secure and faster than ever.



  • A payment platform (HESAB) that helps you manage electronic money transactions instantly, for example, paying shops, paying bills, remitting funds, calculating taxes and many more.
  • A hardware retail supplier (CISCO® products) that delivers latest and highest-end technology equipment along with training, maintenance, and design services. In addition to a focus on Cisco® products, we also supply hardware from UPS, UBNT, and ALTAI.
  • A mobile app and blockchain development venture (ZINZIR) that primarily focuses on blockchain technologies and mobile applications development.

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